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So lately I've become obsessed with the plight of Afghan Women since reading this book called A Thousand Splendid Suns-a definite must read. I picked up a book last night from my library called Kabul Beauty School and spent my Friday night engrossed in it. I really did enjoy it. The book is basically about an American beautician who goes to Afghanistan to start a beauty school. Through the relationships that she cultivates with these women, you learn so much about the Afghan culture and the way women are treated there (not great at all). An example was when she went to visit the women's prison and she found women that were jailed because they had been raped. That broke my heart. Not only had these women been through the horrific experience of rape, torture and abuse (many times from their own husbands) but they were now being punished for it. Many times the women had their children in jail with them. It really saddened me. Needless to say I couldn't put the book down.

However, this morning I wanted to do further research on the book's author, to find out a little about her. I must say, finding out about her, broke my heart more than the book. The Afghan women that were featured in this book are now being threatened with their lives. They claim that the author Deborah Rodriguez promised them that if they allowed her to tell their story, she would get them out of Afghanistan-well not so. The women are still in Afghanistan;the book has been published and the women are now not only disgraces to their family but are pariahs in Afghanistan.

The author claims that the women "misunderstood" her. She claims only that she would give them proceeds from the book, and now that the movie rights have been bought, she claims she will give them 5% of the profit. I find this really sad. This woman tricked these poor Afghan women (who already have been through so much oppression with the Taliban,Mujadeen and horrible husbands) and because they confided in her, it is possible that they will now be murdered.

Ms. Rodriguez has said she will not be returning to Afghanistan. These poor women have no choice but to stay, and live in fear for their lives.
I wonder how Ms. Rodriguez feels knowing the damage that her book has caused. I wonder if she even cares now that she is a millionaire.

After reading that, I regretted ever picking this book up and my prayers are with those women.


Anonymous said...

wow, so sad...

AlannathinksMildredisawesome said...

1.HEY MILDRED!!!!!!!!
2. Your blog is so cool! I wasn't quite sure from the name if it would be just about beauty, but, it's a good mix of everything.

Keep up the good work!
And PS, I really wanted to read "Kabul Beauty School," but I couldn't find anyone who read it to let me know if it was any good. However, I will read it now

plataboriq said...

It is a shame Ms. Rodriguez is being rewarded instead of being ostrasized from society the way these poor women are. Why is it, even when the stakes are life and death, and the chance of making a difference in the lives of others is possible as Ms.Rodriguez could have done, greed becomes the empowered one?

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