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Although I do love make-up, I am not the type to pound it on. I don’t believe in waking up looking like The Dominica Enigma and after applying my makeup resembling Krusty the Clown. I tried to keep my makeup incredibly subtle and natural looking. Many times people can’t even tell I’m wearing any.

Now my love for Revlon Colorstay in caramel started around 2 ½ years ago when I first began dating my honey bunn. I was captivated by him and tried to make a huge impression. So on one of our first dates, I made sure I looked perfect. I put on a sexy Betsey Johnson Black dress, some gold 3 inch stiletto heels and a perfectly made-up face (or so I thought).

Now at the time I was using another foundation, and after a wonderful evening of a Broadway play (Julius Ceasar with Denzel Washington) and a romantic dinner (Tao NY), we walked to his car. Before we got in, he reached over to me and gave me the tightest and biggest hug ever. It was amazing. My face was pressed against his perfect white shirt. I was in heaven inhaling his delicious masculine scent, and holding him so close. When we parted, I immediately stared into his gorgeous brown eyes and smiled. But then, my eyes wandered down to his white shirt. OH MY GOD, I WAS MORTIFIED!! There was a brown imprint of my face on his shirt. Literally he had hugged me and my runny foundation had left a HUGE stamp of me on his shirt!! Seriously, I was so freaking embarrassed that I was about to just take my shoes off, turn the opposite direction and begin running. But he just laughed and said it wasn’t a big deal. The next day I threw out that foundation and looked for one that wouldn’t leave traces of me when I held him again.

I found Colorstay with Softflex and have never looked back. Hands down Colorstay is the best foundation ever. I’ve used them all i.e., NARS, Armani’s (which I did love too), YSL, and Macs. However, Colorstay works for me like no other. First off when I put this on, it looks incredibly natural. I am plagued with an oily t-zone but dry everywhere else. There are two types of Colorstay; one for combination and the other for dry skin. I use the one for combination and my skin loves it. Second, this does not come off. If I apply it on in the morning, when I look in the mirror at night my skin still looks flawless. Third I am prone to breakouts but NOT WITH THIS. This does not irritate my skin at all. I love this stuff.


bombshell74 said...

This was hysterical!! you're very pretty by the way. Glad you finally put up yur pic.

jjbrock said...

sister I have been using Color Stay for years. It is the best cheap makeup and coverage you can get. It don't fade nor do it rub off. You cam not even sweat it off. Now that is a good makeup. I have tried to sell people on this product but because it is not expense they think it is not good.

The Bougie Baller said...

Is color-stay oil free/non-comedegenic? And do they make tinted moisturizer too? Where do you purchase it?

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