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When I think about all the money I spent on products that promised they would make my skin look like a baby’s bottom and instead I ended up with more pimples or just irritated skin-I get soooo annoyed. Now or days, most of those products are on my dresser, half-used with dust on top of them. I can’t bear to throw out a $195.00 skin cream (Do you think there’s a market on eBay for half-used stuff?) One of them was Crème de La-Mer, which I found out was ineffecitve anyway: Here is an excerpt from Paula Begoun’s site

"The reality is that this very basic, and I mean really basic, cream doesn't contain anything particularly extraordinary or unique, unless you want to believe that seaweed extract (sort of like seaweed tea) can somehow be worth this much money, or that it can in some way heal burns and scars. According to Susan Brawley, professor of plant biology at the University of Maine, "seaweed extract isn't a rare, exotic, or expensive ingredient. Seaweed extract is readily available and used in everything from cosmetics to food products and medical applications." Creme de la Mer contains mostly seaweed extract, mineral oil, petrolatum (similar to Vaseline), glycerin, waxlike thickening agents, plant oils, plant seeds, minerals, vitamins, more thickeners, and preservatives. How expensive can it be to stick some seaweed and vitamins in a cosmetic? According to the cosmetics chemists I've interviewed, it costs pennies, not hundreds of dollars.”

Now that I gave up my job to pursue my dreams, before I buy anything, I thoroughly research it. A girl does not have money to waste. So I wanted to introduce you to my Holy Grail moisturizer.

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This moisturizer is incredible. Although I often saw Aveeno in drugstores, I never gave it any mind. Then I started reading about it in books recommended by many dermatologists. The Skin Type Solution written by Leslie Bauman M.D. highly recommends this. Then when Paula Begoun’s book, Don’t Go To the Cosmetic Counter Without Me, highly recommended it, I knew I had to try it. I have never looked at another moisturizer since. First off this moisturizer has what many of the high-end one’s don’t-SPF. Secondly it contains retinol, soy and Vitamin C which are three proven anti-aging ingredients. Soy is also effective with the removal of dark marks.
My best friend swears by the Aveeno Clear complexion. You decide.


Nichelle said...

Sorry Paula, but I still love my La Mer!

It's not the money - it's the difference I see in my face so, I'm afraid I'm going to have to keep giving Estee Lauder my money..:)

BeautyinBaltimore said...

I think I need to check this out.

Miss O. said...

wow, i can't believe La Mer is so plain!

the marketing team has done a great job at fooling the masses though!

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coco! said...

Do they sell the "skin brightening" formula anymore? I couldn't find anywhere to buy it (online or in stores)?

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