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My Hair Regimen

A few days ago, I was heading to Nobu for my friends engagement party when I was stopped by this uber-chic glam statuesque model-type woman. She stared at my hair for a few seconds and asked me, “What do you use on your hair that it’s so shiny and long?”. I immediately advised her on how to get shiny hair and wanted to make a post about it.

1) The first thing I always recommend is not washing your hair often. I have very long hair, (all the way down the bottom of my back) and I only wash my hair once or twice a week. Washing your hair often will strip it of its natural oils, and leave you with dry, stringy hair.
2) The second thing I do is every night massage my scalp. Yes, I massage my scalp (and face for that matter-but that’s a different post) for 5 minutes every single night. Why? You ask. Massaging your scalp for 5 minutes will increase blood flow to your scalp-and therefore increase growth for long lustrous locks.
3) Coconut Oil-I am addicted to this stuff. But make sure you buy Pure, Organic Unrefined Coconut oil. I often add coconut oil and sesame oil to my massage routine.
4) Hair products-As I’ve said before I never ever use any product with Sulfates in it (stuff that makes your shampoo lather). That stuff will leave you with very un-healthy hair. I only use Aubrey Organic or Giovanni hair products which have absolutely no chemicals.
5) Vitamins. I am a vitamin addict. I know how effective they are on hair. I am not a Doctor and in no way am I advising you to take the supplements I take. But these are my supplements and they work for me: MSM, Multi-vitamin, Borage Oil, Omega 3 Oils (fish oils), Zinc, and a B-multi.
6) I always sleep on a silk pillow cover. I find that my hair is still incredibly shiny 4 days after getting it done.

I hope this helps.


Calming Corners said...

Thanks so much for the tips! I love hair tips. I totally agree with everything esp the vitamins. I recently stopped drinking (so much) coffee, and upping my vitamin mineral intake my energy is great and as a premature gray I notice the graying is not as frequent although my hair is still growning. My doctor said it has to do with vitamins the rest is hereditary.

LovingLife said...

It sounds like you take great care of your hair. That explains why your hair is so fabulous. I especially love the part about daily massages. I need to get back to doing that consistently. Thanks for the reminder.

BeautyinBaltimore said...

where are you?

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