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From the age of five to around eleven, my parents would ship my siblings and I to the Dominican Republic every summer. We loved going to visit our relatives but most of all to enjoy the beautiful white sand and crystal-clear blue water of the Dominican beaches. My siblings and I would spend countless hours playing in the sand and basking in the sun. Those are some amazing memories. However, I’m now a grown woman in my mid twenties, and I’m terrified that those summer months under the sun will take an aging toll on my skin (they say the aging effects of the sun show up later in life). I’m sure many of you know that Green tea is an amazing antioxidant. I drink a cup every day. But today I found an Organic Yogi green tea that includes Pomegrante-which is another powerful antioxidant and has been linked to promoting skin and cardiovascular health. I’ll be adding this to my anti-aging arsenal and I hope you will too. Remember Beauty begins from within first. Hugs,



Calming Corners said...

I love the yogi tea brand, the quotes on the tea bags I save them. I am in the process of trying to kick the coffee habit, although I do drink green tea everyday but with the coffee it is counter-productive

Beauty 365 said...

omg! i love Yogi Tea!

great new color scheme on the blog ;)

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