Beauty of the Week-Atoosa Rubenstein

Atoosa and her beautiful mother

My “Beauty of the Week” is the most beautiful person I know both inside and out. She’s also an incredibly accomplished woman. At the age of twenty-five she created a magazine (Cosmogirl) and became the youngest editor-in-chief in Hearst Publication history. Later she was appointed editor-in-chief of Seventeen Magazine, and grew the magazine subscriptions by over 20% within two years. She also created the reality show Miss Seventeen for MTV and was a frequent judge on A.N.T.M.. There are so many great things to say about her. But, the thing that impresses me the most about Atoosa is the fact that her heart is just as big as the list of all her accomplishments. She’s the kindest and greatest friend anyone could have. So with that being said, let me introduce you to my friend Atoosa Rubenstein.

D.E.: Hey A, what’s your beauty regimen morning/night?

A: Morning is as follows:
-First I Splash my face with cold water.
-Then I apply Clinique toner (different formula depending on the season/the condition of my skin).
-After, I apply either tinted moisturizer from Remede (if I don't need to be dolled up that day) or Olay Complete Moisturizer. FYI, both products have sunscreen.

At night:
-Rosebud salve on my lips
-Wash with Neutrogena Deep Clean using my sonic care brush
- Clinique toner
-Z. Bigatti face cream
-La Prairie on my eyes (when I remember)

D.E: What’s the deal with make-up?

A: My natural make-up look would be:
-Remede tinted moisturizer,
-Estee Lauder Minute Blush in Rose,
-Rosebud lip balm,
-Loreal black brow pencil to fill in any sparse patches, Lancome cils booster with Lancome Magnificils mascara on top.

My MAKE-UP look would include the above and then adding the following:
-Laura Mercier foundation Primer, Clinique Superbalanced cream makeup (it's a solid) in Neutral for more skin coverage
-Mac Teddy eye pencil (but if I wear eyeliner I wouldn't do the red lips from above I'd wear Laura Mercier Chestnut lip pencil).

D.E: What beauty product can’t you live without?
A: -I can’t live without black brow pencil! It makes me look polished even if I wear nothing else.

DE: What beauty advice can you give us?
A: -No amount of make-up takes the place of good grooming. It's totally worth investing in a really
good brow wax and then maintaining it yourself with a pair of Tweezermans. It’s the same for your hair. Don't scrimp in these areas and OD on trendy make-up or fashion. As Andy Warhol said, even someone with out great features can look totally beautiful as long as they are CLEAN looking. Grooming is key!

D.E: What’s the best piece of advice someone gave you?
A: My mom gave me great style advice without saying a word - she teaches by example. One of the most important things I've learned from her is to dress age and body appropriately. So you really won't find me wearing sleeveless or mini skirts. Plenty of people with my arms (and much worse) do but I don't. Same for mini skirts! It's not that I have horrible legs - I just think of that as a look better worn by women in their 20s. God bless them! Watching Housewives of NY this season I was so shocked to see these women (who were older than me) dressing like teenagers. It's not flattering.

Thanks A,



BonafideLatina~ said...

This was great...I love this idea of 'Beauty of the Week.' Thanks so much for sharing all this great info with us!!!!

Calming Corners said...

Great interview, love the layout!

Dominican Enigma said...

Thanks babes. Hugs, DE

nywele said...

great interview!I've always admired her and she seems so approachable. Your questions were really good. It is good to know that she swears by Teddy! I love that eye pencil :)

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