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1) I formed an all girl group in elementary school called Kross Kriss-we were supposed to be the female Kriss Kross.
2) I am in my mid-twenties and am addicted to the Disney Channel-specifically Corey in the House and Thats so Raven.
3) I sing the same song every morning in the shower-Sade's Cherish the Day.
4) I'm in my mid twenties and can't drive-who needs a car in NY?
5) I hate flowers.
6) I can beat you in Double Dutch.

I'll find the 6 bloggers later.



Mischo Beauty said...

LOL! I know you and your girl group were too cute! LOL!

Thanks for playing! :)

nywele said...

I love that's so raven. I know the theme song by heart :)

Dominican Enigma said...

"mischo beauty" I thought we were too cute! We wore our dresses backward-but my mom didn't like that. lol

Dominican Enigma said...

"Nywele," i bet you I can out sing you. Hugs, DE

yummy411 said...

lol great list! seeeee! i ask my friends about disney and they are like 'wha? i don't have kids..' i'm like so! the shows are pretty good and addictive. yes raven is the new school lucill ball. miley cyrus has really grown on me. they need to feature keke (from akilah and the bee) more often. that's my girl too! when college road trip came out we had to go see it. besides, i have to watch a lot of it to keep up with my 4 y/o to know what he's talking about. he'll say, "mommy corey said..." or other characters that i'm not quite familiar with.

umm i really want hanna montana's cd for my car =p hehehee

Dominican Enigma said...

Yummy, do you know how obsessed I am with Corey in the House. it's insane.

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