I've been Naughty


This morning I was dead-set on going to MAC and picking up some new Naughty Nauticals. The problem was, I had a fever of 103 degrees. But I begged my bestest to bring them to me and she did.(I love my friends!)Anyway, I've been playing with my eyes and lips all day (while trying not to throw up). I love this new line-but MAC never disappoints. Here are my eyes right now. (I just got a new camera and I have no idea how to turn on the flash so I hope you can see this!)

Submarine Eyes-used Naughy Nauticals Shore Leave and submarine, and my old Shadowylady

I love their new lip glasses. The Ensign one looks like an ultraviolet pink.

And the Bateaux is a beautiful apricot color. Goes great if you're tan skin like myself:


Alright, let me go take a much needed nap. If i feel better, I will post my new beauty of the week. If not, I'll post it tomorrow. Hugs, DE


LBIC said...

I haven't checked out this collection yet. It's been crazy, I just finished my heatherette shopping lol.

Dominican Enigma said...

lol, I have the heatherette collection too, both are fab

yummy411 said...

wow! great fotd. i guess i should have checked out the looks too to try something. feel better!

tag you're it, check out my blog for details!

nywele said...

I actually was going to pass...then after seeing several swatches, i decided to grab port red..
i hope you feel better!

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