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I've been tagged yet again by Yummy 411.

• My Foundation: Armani Luminous Silk foundation, shade 9 or my Revlon Colorstay in Caramel
• My Mascara: Lancome Defincils in black, Covergirl lash Blash in very black, Dior Show
• My Blush: Nars Outlaw, Nars Orgasm, Mac Pink Swoon, …. Way too many to list.
• My Eye Shadow: Mac, Makeup forever, and Milani.
• My Day Cream: Intelligent Esthetics AM/PM Restorative complex or Olay Regenerist
• My Lipstick: Currently rockng Mac Batuex (have way too many to list)
• My Beauty Product Brand: Hmm…favorite is MAC
• My Essential Beauty Product: my Clinique Luminizer-makes me look like I’m glowing even when I’m not
• My Favorite Makeup Product: Blush
• My Perfumes: Currently rocking Melange Apothecary in Tuberose & Greentea (will blog about this fantastic brand this week).
• My Nails: One thing my mother always said is a woman should always have well-groomed hands. So, I get a manicure every chance I get. My favorite polishes are Essie No Prenup and Essie Fiji
• My Feet: Huge Pedicure girl. I get one every week. I’m also a huge germaphobe so I always bring my own pedicure kit. For my foot lotion, I use The Body Shop’s Body butter. Yumm
• My Hands: Philosophy’s Amazing Grace

• Three Products to bring on a deserted island: SPF: 30, Coconut Oil and and my Aubrey conditioner.
• Woman I admire for their beauty: Have you ever seen a woman who wears absolutely no make-up and is still flawless. That would be my mommie. She’s the most beautiful woman I know.
• Woman with the Best Sense of Style: Hmm.. good question. I love so many different styles for different reasons. But someone who is always a bad-ass dresser is Sarah Jessica Parker

• My Ultimate Dream: to host my own daytime show.
• How Do I Define Womanhood: Wow, Gracefulness, Secure in knowing that its ok to be alone, Loving your flaws and realizing that they make you unique.
• My Favorite Fashion Publication: Lucky and Zandile Blay’s Blog

I'll tag the other bloggers later.


nywele said...

Hello. I enjoyed reading your blog. Which Aubrey Conditioner do you use? I've heard great reviews about it

Dominican Enigma said...

Aww thanks ny wele, i enjoy your blog too :-) Aubrey is fantastic. I use the Honeysuckle and White Camelia. Both work wonders. Hugs, DE

yummy411 said...

thanks for participating! great list. i'll have to check out some of those products!

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