Beauty Updates & Purple Doggies

One of my good friends was going through a crisis yesterday so the time I would have normally spent writing today’s post was used to comfort her-so no new post today except some updates on what’s to come next week.

BeautyLogic & are giving you the chance to win a Fantabulous New Flat Iron –my review and giveaway coming next week.

They’ll be another giveaway with fabulous products from Mineralogie.

New Sunless Tanner Reviews.

New Hair Product Reviews.

New Body Scrub Review.

A new Word on the Street (hopefully this girl won't bail out on me like the last one did) & Blogger Beauty of the Week post.

And, in things that make you go hmmmmmmmmm, I spotted a dyed purple dog on the streets of Manhattan yesterday. Any animal lovers out there? What do you think of this?


Congrats to Emily Donald for the Bath & Body winnings!

I'm also working on a BeautyLogic Myspace/Facebook Page. Yeahhhh!

Have a good weekend.




Wes said...

I'm an animal lover!!! And although the idea is cute, I think it's ridiculous to 'dye a dog'... I don't think I would ever do that... I just hope the dye isn't harmful to their digestive system.

LBIC said...

I agree with Wes. Usually the dye isn't harmful. I saw this MTV special about people who were obsessed with their dogs and this one chick had miniature poodles and dyed one pink. I think it's cute, but I would never do it to my dog. Ok, that was a lie, I totally would. I have a black lab/pointer mix and she only has a white patch on her chest and I would totally go for it, if it wasn't harmful. But she hates bath time and I can't imagine her being able to stay still long enough so the dye wouldn't go everywhere. I do dress her up in clothes sometimes. She even has a diana ross inspired sequin top. Don't worry, my family thinks I'm crazy, too.

Roselyn said...

Okay, I JUST did a post on animal testing, before even seeing this!!! WTH is wrong with people?! Ugh, this disgusts me. Sorry, but animals are NOT toys! Thank god it was you and not me who saw this person, i think I would have curesed them out in all languages! LOL

Dominican Enigma said...

Wes: i hope so too. The dog's owner looked crazy by the way.
LBIC-you always crack me up.
Roselyn: I've never owned a dog, but i've heard once you do, you love them like your children.

Mischo Beauty said...

That poor dog- it's just not right... on another note- don't forget to get on Twitter too! :)

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