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Wes is the owner of the blog Honey Brown Sugar. A great blog filled with loads of information. She's a Bronx girl who loves to write and would love to publish a book one day but she hasn't come up with a great story idea yet. She holds a BA in Journalism and an AA in Fashion Design/Merchandising. She currently works in the fashion industry, but she's still searching for her dream job. Ladies and Jets, our beauty of the week, Wes.

What is your beauty regimen morning/night?

Every morning/night I wash my face w/ Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Photobucket
and I always moisturize with the "Clinique M Lotion"


What's the deal with your makeup?

I don't wear makeup on a daily basis but I ALWAYS wear lip gloss. Sometimes I might wear a little eyeliner like Cover Girl Perfect Blend Pencil in Basic Black
Photobucketor mascara like Maybelline Lash Stylist in Very Black
Also, if I notice dark patches under my eyes I'll use a dab of MAC's Select Moisturecover concealer.

What beauty product can't you live without?


What beauty advice can you give us?

Applying a little gold eyeshadow along the cupid's bow in your upper lip will give the appearance of fuller and thicker lips, it really works- try it!

What is the best advice anyone has given you (doesn't have to be beauty related)?

My boss is a busy man and he lives by the motto "Under promise, over deliver". I always keep this phrase in my head because I don't want to be the type of person who will promise you the world and then only give you a city. I'd rather promise you a city and then give you the world.

Thanks Wes,



Mischo Beauty said...

Another great interview! I'm going to check out her blog now! :)

Mischo Beauty said...

Another great interview! I'm going to check out her blog now! :)

Wes said...

Hey girl thanx for the coverage!! Just one little thing I guess I should've specified- I use the Clinique moisturizing lotion for WOMEN (it's yellow)... lol

PBW said...

Thanks for another good interview!

I really like Clinique Liquid facial soap too, Wes. It's mild and your skin doesn't feel dry and tight after you wash.

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