New Giveaway

New Giveaway from Bath & Body. I reviewed Bath & Body's fabulous tanner about a month ago and fell in love. Here's my review,
True Blue

Anway, today's giveaway is True Blue Bath & Body Products:
One Lucky reader will get:
True Blue Solar Power
True Blue Shade To Order
True Blue Strike Gold
True Blue Bronze Bombshell

Just send an e-mail to with the title: "DE Make me a Bronze Bombshell" and your name in the e-mail. Contest ends tomorrow at 5:am

Congrats to the winner of yesterday's contest Laktavia P. Laktavia, the pics you sent were really sad, but with the right products, right supplements, and adequate hair massage, your hair will soon look amazing. Enjoy and please send your address.


Girl-Woman said...

Great giveaway. I will let my readers know.

Mischo Beauty said...

I'm a fan of the "True Blue Shade To Order" thanks to you! :)

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