Rub a Dub Dub with Giovanni's Hot Chocolate Scrub

A few weeks ago, I sent my honeybunn to Wholefoods to pick up one of my favorite blueberry scrubs. He returned a few hours later, explaining that he couldn’t find the product I was referring to , so he picked up something else that he knew I would like. After cursing him under my breath for not going to every Whole Foods in New York to search for my scrub (yes, it was that time of the month), I mumbled a sarcastic “thanks” and grabbed the bag. When I looked inside I saw he had purchased a scrub by Giovanni, and when I opened it and sniffed, all was forgiven.

Giovanni Organics Hot Chocolate Sugar Scrub with Cocoa Beans


This scrub is nothing short of amazing. It’s a sugar scrub that is scented exactly like yummy hot cocoa. Not overpowering at all, just a serious delicious hot chocolate. After sniffing this, I couldn’t wait to try it. So, I ran to shower again. (I had just showered an hour before.) The aroma of this is just pure decadent chocolate and seriously I just couldn’t take my nose out of the jar. (I’ve said this already I know, but you have no idea how good…ok I’ll stop, I’m sorry.) When I began using this, I noticed that the product warms up as you scrub. It felt so soothing. The granules of this are not fine, but they aren’t abrasive at all. They’re just perfect and this product does a marvelous job of exfoliating. After using this, my skin was left incredibly moisturized (but not sticky at all ) and soooooooo soft. Mr DE kept commenting on how silky my skin felt, and he couldn’t stop caressing me. I’ve been using this right before I self tan, and you won’t believe how even and fabulous my tans have been looking. If you’re looking for a 5 star scrub and want thoroughly exfoliated, smooth skin, this is it.

Has anyone tried this?

What were your thoughts?




Brown Girl Gumbo said...

This sounds delicious! I know it's inedible, but the name itself is just tasty!

I'll definitely try this. :-)

laughing808 said...

Nope, haven't tried it. But I'll ddefinitely look out for it. I love scrubs and I'm sure I'll find a way to squeeze this one in my collection.

Glamouricious said...

haha! haven't tried it but after that review i just want to go out and me some of that scrub. not to mention the fact that it smells choclatey!!!

PBW said...

I've tried it and love, love, love it! Does it smell like chocolate heaven or what!?!?!

Great review pick!

B said...

Ohmigoodnessss, this sounds divine. I too will be trying this.

Product Junkie Diva said...

I have not tried this out but I will. I went to Target the other day and I saw some Giovanni products so I have to see if they carry the scrub also.
Product Junkie Diva

justme said...

i want it, can you let us all know where you purchased it at so we can share come of this goodness! when you said "could not stop caressing" you had me there

BeautyinBaltimore said...

I may try this as it's natural and I am trying to return to using more natural products again. It is also much cheaper than Fresh's brown sugar scrub.

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