Carmindy for Sally Hansen is a Winner

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I can't tell you how much I love the Sally Hansen inspired by Carmindy Line. First of all the prices are incredibly affordable and the products are such high quality.I love the fact that the products are formulated with skin-benefiting ingredients like soy, bamboo, papaya and mango. My favorite product would have to be the Natural Shine Lip gloss in Sparkling Champagne.The color is just so beautiful. It's a perfect sheer pinkish-nude color that goes on flawlessly without a sticky or tacky feel.(I hate when I’m walking down the street and my hair starts blowing in my face and stays stuck to my lips.) The great thing is it's a flattering shade of nude for different skin tones (Two of DE'S best friends use it and it looks great on them too). I really can’t believe how moisturized my lips feel after using this, and my mom (who never wears make-up) even bought the Sparkling Champagne color because she loved how it looked on me. This is a great affordable line that you should definitely check out.




Wes said...

Is it in stores yet?? I'm a fiend for great lip gloss!

n_vizion said...

Oh wow, I got to check this stuff out. It sounds fabulous.

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