I remember when I was a kid; I had a huge obsession with glitter. My mother would go crazy screaming at me all the time because there would be glitter all over the house, and all over my hair. It was an addiction. I glitterized everything. But as I got older, I became less artsy and put the glitter away. However, I was a kid of the nineties so by the time I turned fourteen, the obsession with glitter began again. I had those long airbrushed acrylic nails (I thought I was so cool), and I would put glitter all over my crazy designs. But when I reached my late teens, the fascination was over again, and the glitter got thrown away.

However, yesterday I was in Duane Reade when guess what caught my eye again after so many years= a gorgeous pink glitter polish from Wet n Wild called Sparkled. It captivated me. I picked it up and eyed it cautiously. I asked myself, As a woman in my twenties, could I really get away with glitter polish? My heart said take it, but my mind said, Are you crazy, you’re a professional woman…..glitter polish you must be mad. I’ve always been a woman who listened to her heart instead of her mind so I ran out ignoring the voices in my head (no I’m not schizo). I paired it up with my PeaceKeeper polish and I thought my nails looked so purdy!
Take a look:


What do you think? Be honest now, should DE act her age and put the glitter away or should I continue to Glitterize?

Do you glitterize? Will you glitterize?

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Calming Corners said...

You know I love you and I know you love your nailpolish but I would put the glitter away. But then.... you could start up the trend again.....hmmmm.


beauty am eye said... no likey the

Wes said...

Hahahaa... Sounds like one of my "Drugstore Dilemma's"... lol, I can mull over an item for HOURS. I used to wear that glitter nail polish back in junior high school. I personally don't like the glitter, but like Calming Corners said- You just might start up a trend! lol

MakeupByRenRen said...

i personally like the glitter :)

Product Junkie Diva said...

I don't see a problem with what you have one. I think you can get away with it for sure. I have a little bottle of glitter polish

Caramel Magazine said...

I'm voting no for the glitter. It is cute though. I don't know... maybe yes for the glitter. No, it's a definite no. I think we're pass the glitter age.

Anonymous said...

can't lie i too have been tempted by the duane reade glitter. mine was clear and paired with short nails, it worked. hey our lives are now filled with so much responsibility, a little glitter made me feel like a kid again

Anonymous said...

I agree with most of the responses, say goodbye to the glitter

iiannerzii said...

i love glitter in nailpolish. it's cute and i think it's the only thing i "glitterize"

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