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Yesterday I had a few friends over, and they were commenting on how every time they entered a room in my apartment it had a delicious but different scent. It’s funny because when I was growing up, my mom would literally spray Glade around the house every 5 minutes. She always wanted to make sure our house smelled of potpourri or of fresh roses (i have a huge aversion to roses now). Well I'll tell you one thing, there is no way in heck that I’ve got time to spray my house every 5 minutes. Before I used to have scented candles in every room, but lately I’ve been using Harry Slotkin’s Scentportables. They come in 5 different scents, and unlike candles and electric diffusers, scentportable brings delicious aromas everywhere without a plug, battery or flame. It’s so cutely made. It’s a chic circular disc with a clip feature. You can put it anywhere. (I even have one in my boyfriend’s hamper because after a workout, his socks reek.) The scents are: pineapple mango cinnamon & clove buds, fresh linen & vanilla coconut and the great thing is they work for up to 4-6 weeks. My rooms all smell fantastic and so different! Yumm
You can purchase this at Bath & Body Works.




Valerie said...

It's Valerie and I just wanted to let you know that Bath and Body Works is having a sale on the scent portables, they are buy 3 get 2 free!!!!
The sale ends Monday.


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