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I know this post is late, but DE was in a huge Back in the Days mode yesterday, doing the running man, and just dancing up a storm in her house to old jams. So in honor of my mood, guess what song these lyrics comes from:

"Silky, milky her smile is like sunshine
Thats why I had to dedicate at least one rhyme
To all the cuties in the neighborhood
Cause if I didnt tell you then another brother would
Your sweet like sugar with your gangster talk
Want to eat you like a cookie when I see you walk "

First 3 people that leave a comment on who rapped this song get a free NYC sun2 sun Bronzer (best inexpensive bronzer out there). I'll give you a hint,he's from my old neighborhood.

Yeah to the winners. You know it was LLCoolJ. If you were the first three who commented, please send your address to BeautyLogicblog@yahoo.com.




carletta said...

LL cool J

Tina said...



zoe said...

I know I'm too late but I think it's LL CoolJ

~D.Rivers said...

Hahha...that is definitely the sexiness himself LLCoolJ--Around the way girl...

Check me out Mochabelle.blogspot.com

yaya said...


Masani said...

Lol! "I need an AROUND THE WAY girl (Around the way girl), That's the one for me (She's the only 1 I need!)"

Ladies Love Cool James - Around the Way Girl

hazel said...

LL cool j?

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

How did I miss this yesterday? LOL!!

Dominican Enigma said...

BGG, I posted it late last night.

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