DE Loves FHI Curling Iron!

You guys know how obsessed I am with my tresses. I do everything I can to maintain the health of my hair and only use top-notch products on my mane. I recently received an FHI Pro Digital Flat iron from BeautyChoice. Com (Fantastic costumer service and incredibly fast delivery of items).


The Iron has a digital temperature display that allows me to set the temperature as high as 410 degrees. As usual the FHI is advanced with their Nano Fuzein Technology. I won’t get into the scientifics of this but it allows the hair to absorb more moisture for superior conditioning and shine and helps remove chemical pollutants and toxins which build up in your hair from normal exposure, and it leaves your hair incredibly healthier and shinier.
Now as I always say, the proof is in the pudding. I had my hairstylist use this right after she did my hair. She put my hair inside the barrel of the curling iron and she loved how smooth the barrel felt on my hair. But the biggest shock was how shiny and bouncy my curls were with no cowlicks. My hair looked so full and lustrous after she was done.

You can find this iron and other amazing products on And BeautyChoice is offering a special discount for my readers. .

If you input the code beautylogic66 to all orders over $150 you get 20% off. Or you can input beautylogic67 you'll get $10.00 off all orders over $100.00 effective up until September 30, 2008

Hint Hint: There may be a giveaway of this iron soon.


BonafideLatina~ said...

Wow what a great idea a curling iron with all the benefits of the nano technology that we get from the Flat!!!

Wes said...

Did you take pics of your hair? I wanna see!!

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I love FHI irons!!

Product Junkie Diva said...

This tool looks amazing. I am with Wes, I want to see your hair too. :-)

Tia Williams said...

I am SO mad at you, girl! I met you today in the Total Beauty suite...why didn't you tell me you were Dominican Enigma? DOMINICAN ENIGMA! You're a legend in my house. Adam has tried repeatedly to steal your moniker, BTW. Love the blog! Email me!

Calming Corners said...

I love this. I want to see pic's of your hair too. How cool is it that you met Tia!!!

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