Introducing Borghese Fall Collection

This season Borghese took inspiration from the deep, rich tones that color daily life in Tuscany. The collection draws on the lush reds, purples and plums of Italy’s famed wines, from Brunello and Pomino to Chianti and Vino Nobile. The Wine of Tuscany Fall collection comes in six shades:

Vin Santo Raisin (brown/purple frost)
Vino Nobile Berry (medium/dark berry crème)
Rosato Rose (dark rose pink crème)
Vini Violet (dark lavender/light purple crème)
Pomino Plum (purple frost)
Brunello Grape (dark purple crème with a little pearl)

I had never tried this line before and I must say I loved it. My favorite color would have to be the Vinto Santo Raisin which is a gorgeous brown/purple combination. Loved it! I also love the big brush that Borghese uses. My nail color was much easier to apply!


Have you tried the Borghese line of nailpolishes?




Wes said...

I've seen this line b/4 but I've never tried it... I'll have to give it a chance, after all Essie and Opi aren't the ONLY nail brands out there (seems to be the only ones I trust though, lol)

BonafideLatina~ said...

Hmm I've heard of the Borghese skin care products but didn't know they have a polish line now...niiice!

beauty am eye said...

nope never tried it....but I hear their Body mud mask is FAB!

Product Junkie Diva said...

I have never tried this line but I have been sizing it up for a while now. Glad it worked well for you.

Mischo Beauty said...

I'm never tried this line, but I see it all the time..hmmm, I'll have to check it out. Thanks for this! :)

Calming Corners said...

I have enver tried this line but I love that color.

Leeann said...

Love this color--perfect for fall!

B said...

I'm wondering why I haven't tried this line before either. Hmm..I love this color!

PBW said...

I didn't think I was into deep wines and berries - until now. That color is so, so, pretty!

I used to buy Borghese products in the 80s. I'll have to revisit them.

Nail polish addict said...

I tried the Borghese top coat on a whim because I was frustrated with everything else I tried (including OPI and fancy thermal activated top coasts). I have to say it's my favorite. I love the double-width brush, makes for easy application. I only wish Borghese had a bigger color selection. Honestly, some of the color choices are very dated; though, in the few modern shades I've tried, the quality is top notch. I think Borghese should really modernize their bottle and logo design as well as color palate to appeal to more women today. No wonder PBW hadn't used the product since the 80's.

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