Let your hair Shine!

On Saturday for Fashion Week, Total Beauty had Molton Brown in their beauty suite demonstrating their products, giving out hand massages and wondrous hair touch-ups. Now, if you were in NY on Saturday, you know there was a tropical storm that would have destroyed anyone’s tresses. I, of course had forgotten to bring my umbrella, and as I was walking to the Bryant Park Hotel, the downpour came and my hair was left a frizzy, tangled mess. As I walked into the suite, I was greeted by the Molton Brown people. I received a wondrous hand massage by one of the workers. He rubbed this luxurious citrus lotion that smelled like pure oranges, all over my hand while giving me a soothing and relaxing massage. (It was much needed after a day of moving.) Then, the hairstylist saw me and placed me in his chair. He advised me that after he was done with my hair it would look as if I had never been caught in a torrential downpour. He was absolutely right! His secret weapon was the Molten Brown Smoothing Lila Leaf Hair-Gloss.


After he applied it to my hair and began blow drying the shine that I was seeing was mind-boggling. When he was done, he applied a little more of the serum and I was left with gorgeous, frizz-free and gleaming hair. This product is absolutely wonderful for shine and leaving your hair in incredible condition. I had never used a Molton Brown product before and I'm so glad I did.


What do you use to give your hair that pantene shine?



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Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Yes, Saturday was HORRIBLE!!! I got caught in the downpour too, but my hair is still recovering! LOL

Mischo Beauty said...

Your hair looked FABULOUS on Saturday! That product is the real deal!!!!

So happy I had the chance to finally meet you! :)

n_vizion said...

Awww, you should have posted pictures.

Thanks for sharing. You can never have too much shine.

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