Potent Anti-Aging Weapon-Patricia Wexler Serum

A lot of my friends are women of color who think because they are tan or dark skinned beauties, they don’t need any anti-aging remedies. I highly disagree with that and advise everyone I know to make sure that they use sun-screen all the time and anti-aging creams from the time they are 20 and over. (I’ve been using them forever and my theatre teacher told me I can pass for 18- 21!!… alright I’ll stop gloating over that!) Anyway, a close gorgeous African friend of mine got married around a month ago. She’s a huge product junkie like myself, so for her bridal shower, I gave her a bag full of beauty products. She was so thrilled! Anyway last week, I met up with her for a Bikram Yoga session. I hadn’t seen her since her bridal shower. (Her wedding was in Africa and I couldn’t afford to go!) She couldn’t stop raving about the Patricia Wexler MMPI20 Skin Regenerating serum that was in the gift bag I’d given her.


I did notice her skin looked a lot more luminous and clear. She claims that this serum leaves her skin so incredibly smooth -close to silk. Her make-up application is a dream, and the spottiness on her skin has diminished dramatically. She claims that her pores and the lines around her eyes are much less visible. Her skin is incredibly oily but this serum seems to balance it out. This product is apparently the only one on the market that has a patented MMPI 20 technology. What that means is, this product addresses all of the 20 MMP’s (skin destroying enzymes) and leaves your skin in amazing condition. She couldn’t stop gushing about it and told me that I must recommend it to you beauties.

What's your anti-aging weapon?




MakeupByRenRen said...

wow does this product reduce spotting and discoloration too? it sounds like it! i think that's a great idea for a bridal shower...to pick up a whole bunch of beauty products :)

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