Affordable Beauty: NYC Metro Metals


As you guys know after reading Paula Begoun’s book Don’t Go To The Cosmetics Counter Without Me where she claimed that drugstore beauty products can be just as good as expensive ones, I really don’t believe that beauty has to cost an arm and a leg. I personally think N.Y.C makes some really good products for a very affordable price. Their Sun2Sun bronzer is one I constantly wear, and lately I’ve been rocking their Chroma Metals Face Glow in Moonstone, and I love how it leaves this gorgeous pink shimmer on my skin with just a swipe or two of my brush. Looks as if I'm glowing! Plus the staying power is great, and the price is even better.

Have you tried N.Y.C. Metro Metals Collection?

Have you tried N.Y.C at all?

Don’t you love that beauty can be affordable?





BonafideLatina~ said...

Yes I have tried the NYC bronzer after you reviewed it a few months ago and you are right they make decent products :)

Wes said...

Ever since you reviewed the bronzer a few months ago, I've looked at NYC products a little differently. I still haven't purchased anything from them yet, but I just might.

MakeupByRenRen said...

i used to rock a yummy clear gloss by NYC back in the day...i alwaysss bought it...i need to go back to my roots! the moonglow seems a lot like MAC msf

Calming Corners said...

Love the colors, I have tried NYC and I love love love the fact that beauty can be affordable

PBW said...

I also tried NYC's bronzer after your review and love it!

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