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Lately, life has been a little stressful. I’m trying to get into a business that already has so many established people and it’s getting a little nerve-wracking, but I’ll make it, I have confidence in myself and a lot of support. My big problem is, because I’m constantly on the go, I seem to always be drinking one of these


Matter of fact, this is kind of what my garbage can looks like


I’ve always been a huge drinker of coffee but lately it’s been getting ridiculous. Funny thing was on Saturday I went to see a friend, and she kept complimenting me on my smile. You see guys, although I drink a crap load of coffee, you could never tell because my teeth are white as heck (yes I’m vain about my teeth, lol). Now when I was younger, I used to use this incredible tooth whitener that is no longer sold in the US, but it left my teeth insanely white, I mean seriously, my smile was almost glow in the dark! But, anyway, last night after flossing, I looked at my smile, and I became mortified. My teeth looked as if they were loosing a little bit of their brilliance. When I kept interrupting Mr. De's football game to show him what I was talking about, he called me crazy and said I was imagining things. (Men just don't get it.) So this is where you mammas come in,

Can you recommend anything to me?

What do you know that works, that DE can use to keep her glow in the dark smile?



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Makeup Maven said...

Crest healthy radiance! Or the teeth whitening system from Avon that works too! :)

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I don't know what to recommend because I've never tried teeth whiteners (although I probably should), but I hear Crest white strips are the best!

Good luck with getting your glowing grin back. :-)

Product Junkie Diva said...

Wow DE there is a product I have at home but I have yet to test it. The other thing that comes to mind is Go smile I have never used it but I have heard great things about it. I haev some of the refresher tubes but not the actual bleaching product (well I just have a few tubes of it but not enough). Ok maybe you can try the new product on the market..I think it is by (crest I think) but it is supposed to work in 5 minutes. Worth a shot right?
Hope this works out!

Michelle Stacey said...

when i asked my dentist about whitening my teeth for my bday. he suggested i use crest white strips.

Teensybug said...

I'm sorry I don't have any recommendations for teeth whitening. If I do learn of a product recommended by dentists, I'll contact you ASAP.

I hope everything gets better for you at work. I know you won't let any obstacles deter you. Keep your head up!

BonafideLatina~ said...

I've heard a lot of good things about GO SMILE...I think Halle Berry uses it LOL. I would go for that...but a lot of people here are saying Crest White Strips..I may try that myself b/c it is cheaper. I drink coffee daily also I feel your pain.

Take care.

Teensybug said...

I don't have any recommendations; but when I see my dentist this week, I'll get back to you ASAP.

Miss DE, you love you some coffee LOL. So do I. I received a Starbuck's card from a friend. I have never had coffee from Starbuck's. I always make mine at home with the Bialetti stove coffee maker. What would you recommend aside from plain ole coffee? I'm open anything.

Dominican Enigma said...

Teensy, since I'm lactose intolerant, my drink of choise is a soy chai extra hot, no foam latte (yes it's a crazy drink i know)lol

Glamouricious said...

i am using Listerine whitening mouthwash. I love it and the bf uses it too.
It gets rid of those stains. I was happy with the results in one week already. i have to say though i dont have too yellow teeth or anything since i dont drink coffee or much tea

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