Lancome Oscillation Mascara Giveaway

Hey Guys, Lancome has given BeautyLogic a new oscillation mascara to give to one of our lucky readers. (It doesn't get released until October 22). Yippee! I love Lancome. Their mascaras are the best and they signed another fellow Dominicana Arlenis Sosa. Lancome also allowed me to interview the creator of the mascara Jean-Louis Guéret. (He's created 400 mascaras.)

1)What was the inspiration behind a 7000 oscillation per minute mascara? Good question! We were inspired by the way many women and makeup artists apply mascara. They take the wand and they wiggle it back and forth. We wanted to see if we could make the mascara do that for you.
2) How long did it take to perfect? A long time. We worked on this for more than four years.
3) What is the best way to apply this to get ultimate results? When it comes to application, I tell everyone they will find their own way. Keep playing and experimenting and you will find the application technique that works best for you. But whatever you do, don’t wiggle the brush!


This mascara doesn't come out till October 22, 2008 but there is a waiting list for it, so try to win it here! Here are the rules of the contest: Send an e-mail to with the subject "DE, I Cant Wait On The Waiting List. Send me that Lancome Oscillating Mascara."

Winner gets announced October 22.


Wes said...

I'm entering this one!

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