Limited Edition Pretty in Pink Collection

I thought this was cute and wanted to let you guys know about this collection (since i adore pink). The PRETTY IN PINK from Tweezerman – The Beauty Took Experts. Teaming up with leading beauty authority Sephora, Tweezerman designed a limited-edition collection of their best selling products in Sephora’s top selling color – PINK. With a color that has such a positive affect on the human spirit, its no surprise this is the favored color of choice by Sephora’s loyal clientele.

The PRETTY IN PINK collection includes:

Slant Tweezer w/crystal – Price: $20.00
Point Tweezer w/crystal – Price: $22.00
Point/Slant Tweezer w/crystal – Price: $25.00
Petite Tweeze Set – Price: $25.00
10 X Mirror – Price: $15.00
Pedro Callus Stone – Price: $20.00
Safety Slide Callus Rasp and Shaver – Price: $10.00
Deluxe Nail Clipper – Price: $10.00
FileMate w/ Polka Dot file – $5.00
Nail Rescue Kit – Price: $20.00

I love pink! lol,


MakeupByRenRen said...

pink is my fav too!

IbisCaraib said...

I tried to subscribe to your blog on Google Reader but I keep getting an error message. Whats up?

Calming Corners said...

This is very cute. Great for a gift.


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