Ooh Baby! You’re a Bombshell


As a woman who is obsessed with scented lotions, I have a new addiction. I recently tried Original Bombshell’s Ooh Baby lotion in Gardenia, and all I got to say is “OOH BABY! THIS SMELLS FANTASTIC!” The packaging is absolutely adorable, and when I first opened this bottle, I really was in awe of how great it smelled. It’s such a fresh, clean fragrance with a light scent of gardenia. When I apply this, it really moisturizes and hydrates my skin and the elegant and delicious aroma lingered throughout the day but subtly, not overly done. (I hate when I can smell someone two blocks away.) This product is loaded with the very moisturizing ingredients of shea butter, vitamin E and aloe vera. Also, it’s free of artificial colors and paraben free.

I’m absolutely loving this and I want you to love it too. De is giving away a brand new Original Bombshell Ooh Baby in Gardenia lotion. Send an e-mail to beautylogicblog@yahoo.com with the subject being “DE, you can’t be the only Original Bombshell, send me that lotion.” Winner gets announced Monday October 27.



Joi said...

That sounds great, I'm a fan of gardenia.

chris said...

good luck to all

Calming Corners said...

I love trying new products. Happy that it is paraben free!


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