Hydrate Your Skin!

Your skin is your most important asset-especially the skin on your face. I remember when I interviewed Actress Michelle Rodriguez (you can read that here) and she stated that she was more concerned with the health of her skin, than having to cover it up with make-up. That's very good advice. The least make-up I need to wear the better, so most of my skin-care products are loaded with highly-effective and proven ingredients that don't irritate my skin and keep it in tip-top shape. Anyway, with that being said, my latest face wash is Avalon Organics Hydrating Cleansing Milk.


One thing I really hate is when I wash my skin, and it’s dry and tight afterward. This cleansing milk is loaded with nourishing and natural Borage and Flax oil (I take both in supplement form) and it leaves my skin very soft and silky with no tightness at all. Plus it contains a stabilized form of potent antioxidant Vitamin C called Magnesium Ascorbal Phosphate that penetrates my skin cells and will keep me looking 21 forever :-)

What's your favorite face wash?

Do you use Avalon Organics?

How was your Weekend?

This week is Giveaway week, where we're going to feature a new giveaway every day staring tomorrow, (tomorrow's giveaway will be a whole new nail polish collection). Also, we'll also be having BeautyLogic's biggest Giveaway EVER so stay tuned!!!!!




beauty am eye said...

I saw this the other day @ Target. Have you tried their moisturizers????

MakeupByRenRen said...

sounds fab! i hate that dry feeling as well...right now i'm using cetaphil face wash that i won from brown girl gumbo's contest!

BonafideLatina~ said...

This sounds good. Right now I'm using the Sense Line from Usana Health Sciences...I like it so far but not sure if I will stick with it. I see you change cleansers every now and then, do you recommend that? Or is that by choice for you? I always get nervous that if I changes cleansers too much my skin will break out :(
Spent weekend in LA (here for work) with my novio so it was fun in the sun. Hope you had a good one!!!

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

@Makeupbyrenren - I'm glad you're using it! I love it! Cetaphil is definitely one of my favorite cleansers. :-)

Dominican Enigma said...

Hate Bona! Because I'm a beautyblogger, I test products out for you honies so you don't have to waste your money, so i typically use a cleanser for 3 weeks before I write a review. however, i always use a scrub 2 days out of the week and a cleanser the other 5 days. It's important to exfoliate! Let me know if you need anything else love. Hugs,

BonafideLatina~ said...

Okay, sounds good..thx for the tip!

LĂ­gia said...

Hi, Avalon Organics is a very good brand, I love all their products! I always buy this cleanser on iherb.com. It’s only $ 6.41, much cheaper than other stores, and the shipping is very fast. You can use my coupon code to get $ 5 off: NAK992


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