Mr. DE Rec Protect and Correct!


Mr. DE takes incredibly good care of himself and one thing that he never neglects is his skin-care. Now Mr. DE hails from the Caribbean, and he’s blessed with gorgeous golden skin but occasionally a breakout will haunt him and, he’ll get left with those dreaded hyper pigmentation stains (I hate those!). For the last five weeks, I’ve had him testing DDF Protect and Correct moisturizer and he highly recommends it! He says that when he uses this thick cream, his skin is moisturized but not greasy at all (Mr. DE also suffers from oily skin) and since using this he notices the marks on his face have diminished dramatically (it contains something called micro-radiance complex to help even out skin tone and SPF15). This is a Mr. DE highly recommended product!

Have you tried this product?

Have you tried DDF?

Winner of the Tracy Reese Line of Nailpolishes is Grace Outlaw. Grace, you have 2 days to e-mail me




BonafideLatina~ said...

That is really good that Mr. DE takes care of his skin :)
Mr. Bonafide has like perfect skin and he doesn't have to do anything to maintain it beside wash it!! UGH he's so lucky!!!
Anyways I never used DDF products but I know they have good sunblock...looks like a goodie thx!

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