The Power Of Friendships

Yesterday I got into a big fight with Mr. De. We both said things we didn’t mean and he left our apartment in a huff and I stayed home livid. After about five minutes, I called one of my close friends, and by the end of the conversation, we were both in tears laughing. She was telling me funny stories and when I hung up the phone, my anger had completely subsided, and I was in a great mood. At that moment, I realized how important friendships are. It’s amazing the power of a good friend. I was furious yesterday and my friend did everything in her power to make me feel better, and words can’t express how much I appreciate it. Friends are the best ingredient in this recipe we call life. Don't you agree?

Here are some famous friends:

Gayle and Oprah


Drew and Cameron Diaz


Jlo and Leah Reminni

Not so Famous-Me and my homegirl Raven (another aspiring reporter)


Do you value friendships?

Tell me a little about your friends?

Have a great weekend loves!




MakeupByRenRen said...

i am all about my friends, i love this post. my boyfriend is definitely one of my best friends, but sometimes you need one of your homegirls...i've had the same BFF's since elementary school...we grew up in florida and went to the same elementary through high school...when we went to college, 2 of us went to the same school and another went to another...i was heartbroken! it was always the 3 musketeers...but fate brought us all back together...the 3rd ended up meeting her fiance at school and he's from we're back together again...we've been best friends for 20 years and people just can't believe...i dont know what i'd do without them...

beauty am eye said...

I sooo agree...!! True friends are thee best and can help you through anything!....

Luv ur look in the pic...KUH - UTE!

Product Junkie Diva said...

Yes I value my true dear friends. You and your pal look like professionaly. Love your coat.
Have a fab. weekend.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Ren love your experience with your friend. Childhood friends rock. I have a similar experience with one of my friends we have been pals for yearssssssss.

BonafideLatina~ said...

I agree with PJD, you 2 DO look like reporters :) Go get em!!!

Yes I agree with you having a good network of tight girlfriends is essential...definitely helps you get through the rough patches of life...have a good weekend!!!

PBW said...

Looking forward to seeing you and your best friend doing the news as the country's most trusted reporters!

justme said...

aww. you and your friend look cute. love the coats. my best friend is my husband. it sounds cheesy but he is. i am not a really outgoing person, sorta a loner (mostly by choice), so i dont have many in the flesh friends. there are 2 girls in my life that no matter if we dont talk for years, once we do, its business as usual. my younger sisters are my pretty good i am trying to put myself outthere and make more friends because i am thinking maybe that is important.... we will see though, i am too quiet

Wes said...

You girls look famous to me! lol... Friends are the best- Sometimes you may not agree but a real true friend will ALWAYS have your best interest at heart.

yummy411 said...

awww not so famous .. YET!

Beauty 365 said...

aww cute post. friends are really important. having the right support system in place is really priceless

good post!

Beauty 365
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