Sexy Natural Lips

Hey guys, I’m back. I’ve missed you. I can’t imagine what life was like without the internet. This past week was driving me crazy. Last week I actually stayed 3 hours late at work every night so I could use the internet. Ahh but now my good old IBM is back in my loving hands. I've been kissing her more than Mr. DE. I’ll never ever mistreat her again!

Let’s get back to beauty because I’ve been dying to tell you hot mammas about these phenomenal lip glosses by Aubrey Organics. I’ve already told you guys about my obsession with Aubrey’s hair care. Their honeysuckle conditioner makes my hair gleam! Anyway, I’ve really loving their new Natural Lip glosses.


First of all the ingredients are 50% pure and organic, and their gloss base is castor seed and coconut oil (you know how much I love coconut oil) and they use natural colorants like caramel, beet, and carrot extract. How amazing is that! My fave color is the Ruby Frost (although they have 8 shades). It’s a gorgeous light, sheer, incredibly glossy red, and when I use this my lips feel so incredibly moist and hydrated but not sticky (no need at all to use chapstick before applying!) . I love this!


Calming Corners said...

Welcome back! We missed you. I can't wait to try this lip gloss!!


BonafideLatina~ said...

Ooooh a MUST try :)

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