Who Says You Shouldn't Play with Mud?

Photobucket As soon as I see a camera, I smile, even if i have a masque on. It's like a reflex. :-)

On Sundays, I love spending the day by myself. I call Sundays my “me” day. I kick Mr. DE out (not really, he goes to the local bar to watch football with his friends lol), and I’ll do things like read a new book, watch a movie, attempt to give myself a mani, make some dinner from a new recipe, (I made jerk chicken last Sunday, yum yum!!), and then give myself a facial. I’ll deep cleanse with a scrub, then steam for around 20 minutes with a mix of lavender and chamomile, give myself an extraction, and then use a masque on my skin and end with a light moisturizer. One of my new favorite masques is The Body Deli’s Glacial Mineral Mud Masque.

This masque contains Canadian mud, bentonitie clay, aloe vera, water, squalene, and a whole list of other beneficial products for the skin. I love The Body Deli, and their raw food ingredients (and their blueberry scrub is fantastic). This masque has to be refrigerated, (like most of their products) and for some odd reason, I love the feeling of a cold substance on my face, so this is great! I leave this masque on for around 20 minutes and really feel it tighten and after a while my face starts to feel as if it has a heartbeat. It’s a great feeling. That must be the masque removing the impurities. The smell can best be described as a hint of mint with a drop of mud, lol. It's not offensive at all. When I remove the masque, my face is not dry or tight. (I assume because of the moisturizing ability of the squalene.) My pores are significantly smaller, if I have a blemish it’s been dried out completely, and my skin glows. After this I top it off with a moisturizer, and by the end of the day, my nose isn’t greasy, which is always good! I really love this masque

What masque do you love for your skin?

Have you tried the Body Deli Products?





MakeupByRenRen said...

u know, i dont use masques...just because there are so many out there that i would love to try! i've been trying to step up my skin care game...how do you do the extraction process?

BonafideLatina~ said...

Cute picture :)

I really haven't gotten into the using a mask at home regimen. I have been trying to find one I can use...I may just give this one a try. I love your ME Sundays!!! I love ME days too.

Product Junkie Diva said...

I have not tried body deli products, but I probably will get that masque. I like the Origins cotton masque and their charcoal masque.

the girls said...

Lush has some great masks too that must be refrigerated. Crash Course in Skincare is my fav.

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

I've never tried a masque but it looks like ill be adding this product to my list.

justme said...

i like the clinique 15 min turnaround mask. can you do a post on how you self extract? i know its do at your own risk though

The Q said...

I recently bought a body masque and I absolutely love it. It came with a skin massager that you use to remove the masque in the shower--it stimulates circulation and I have seen a real improvement in my skin.

I make my own facial masque out of chickpea flour, yogurt, and turmeric.

Skin care is so important. Here's a great How To vid I found online that has some great skin care tips.

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