Best Bronzer for Under $5.00

Sorry for the infrequency in posting. My schedule has been insane. But let's get back to beauty! Now, I told you guys before, I'm an aspiring reporter so money is indeed incredibly tight! I need to try to find the best products for the most affordable price. Hands down the winner of my best bronzer for your buck is NYC's Sun2Sun Bronzer.


When I used to work in finance, I treated myself to many expensive make-up brands, but lately with my non-existent salary that doesn't happen too often. What I found with the NYC (my favorite shade is the Terracota tan) is that this gives me an incredibly beautiful bronze glow with just a slight but perfect amount of shimmer-looks very natural. It looks so stunning, it's my Best Bronzer for under $5.00.

Did you guys every pick this up?

What bronzers do you love?

What's new in your world?




*gg* said...

I absolutely love a lot of N.Y.C products simply because of the price. They may not always be the "best" but they work quite fine for me! I haven't tried this bronzer but I'm going to have to pick up a new one soon so maybe I'll hunt this baby down =]

My favorite is Jane shimmering bronzer. It initially caught my eye because of how similar it looked to a certain Bobbi Brown shimmerbrick. It's a tad heavy on the shimmer but great for keeping my skin looking bright all year =D

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