Best Scrub-Zia Bamboo Exfoliant Scrub


I try to use an exfoliant on my skin at least twice a week. (Got to get rid of those dead skin cells, plus with the winter, my skin is dry as heck!) My Favorite scrub for 2008 is the Zia Bamboo exfoliant. The granules in this aren’t too large or harsh, and this scrub has the amazing ability to really exfoliate my skin, removing all my dead surface cells, but it also leaves my skin so moisturized and hydrated. It contains bamboo extract which is the exfoliator. As well as Soybean oil, ricebran oil and yucca extract, these ingredients keep the skin super moist and it uses lemon oil to clarify. So many nourishing ingredients! My skin is left so renewed but not tight, just incredibly soft, silky and smooth, and this doesn’t break me out at all. This would be BeautyLogic’s Best Scrub for 2008


Abgel said...

Have you tried the Xsura 24/7 Protect Serum? you should... does wonders for wrinkles!And its affordable.

Listen to what they have to say;


Liz said...

Just started using this scrub too- on my wife's recommendation- and it works great as a pre-shave scrub 2-3 times a week.

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