Golden Nail Goddess

I never used to like Gold nail polishes, but this winter I got turned on to them, and now I'm hooked. I love the gorgeous contrast with my tan skin, and with so many different shades of Gold polishes, I’m having a lot of fun. Here are some polishes that are turning me into a golden goddess. Are you rocking the gold stuff too?

Revlon’s Gold Get Em-a gorgeous light gold


Milani Good Morning Sunshine ( a bright sexy gold, on my nails today)


Tropez Golden Pearl ( a sexy light gold with glitter)

Sally Hansen Tassel ( a darker gold, and my favorite winter color)


Are you rocking golds this winter?

How was your weekend loves?

I had a lot of fun.

Big Hugs,



Marco Crupi said...

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Wes said...

I love gold tone polishes, but for some reason they just don't flatter me.

Calming Corners said...

The weekend was great! I have not tried gold polish yet, but it looks great on your nails. Have a wonderful week!


Leela said...

I love the sally Hansen option. It looks very saturated. I haven't ben wearing too many metallics this winter, but I usually stack up in teh summer.



MakeupByRenRen said...

love the gold on you

Tami said...

I also love golds and gold lip gloss. It just works with my complexion. Oh, and copper...

Roselyn said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE gold polishes!!! Essie's new one from their Winter collection is fab!

Oh btw...check you out in the backround Ms. Reporter! Send me those links! :)

Dominican Enigma said...

Thanks Roselyn, I'm trying to upload them on Youtube. Once I do that, I'll send you the link. Big Hugs,

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