Dark Circles-No way! & New Giveaway!


I love love Mr. DE. He’s my heart and soul and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for him. However, there is one thing about him that drives me absolutely crazy. At exaclty 12 in the morning, he begins to snore. I’m not talking about low sounding snores. NOOOOOOOOOOO, I’m talking about the most obnoxiously loud snores you’ve ever heard. I sometimes wonder if my neighbors can hear him. I can be in the most blissful sleep of my life, and will suddenly be awaken by the disgusting sounds coming from his nose. It kills me. Lately, it’s been happening every night, so usually I wake him up and make him sleep in the living room but I can still hear him even when he’s all the way in the next room. It drives me nuts, and I loose a lot of sleep because of it. Now, since my average sleep is about 3 hours a night, you would think my eyes would be loaded with dark circles. Not at all! You know DE wants to stay looking 21 forever so I make sure to prevent any damage to my face. I’ve mentioned this brand to you before, and honestly, I can’t believe how effective this woman’s products are. I’m a blogger so I get tons of products but this brand stands out to me so much because I do actually see serious results. Jan Marini Factor A for Dark Circles, makes me look as if I get tons of sleep at night.


It’s loaded with vitamin K and retinol. Vitamin K is known for repairing blood vessels and decreasing hyperpigmentation in the skin and and retinol decreases appearances of lines and wrinkles. After sleeping for only 3 hours per night, I should have dark circles like mad, but because I’ve been using this every night, I still look refreshed……..and like I’m 21. lol

I love this, and I want you to love it too.

I'm giving away a brand new bottle of Jan Marini's Factor A for Dark Circles. Send an e-mail to BeautylogicBlog@yahoo.com telling me why you need this product. Winner gets announced Thursday.




MakeupByRenRen said...

wow, sounds fab!

BonafideLatina~ said...

Hi DE!

OMG how do you function with 3 hrs of sleep?!?!? I wouldn't be able to even talk!!!

This product sounds great....

I think maybe you should get some ear plugs so you can sleep better :)

1955nurse said...

I can relate to the "little or no sleep" issue!

Stasha said...

I would love to get win this. I have a 3 year old and I work full time and I go to school. I am up most nights really late, this would be great for me.

theresa stacey said...

Aww, you should have him try those breathe right brand strips, I know they make one that is supposed to help snoring. Good luck! & Dark circles run in my family I wonder if this will work if it is just genetic

BeautyinBaltimore said...

Hey honey,

My first boyfriend would snore like hell. I would pinch his nose a he would stop for a little while. I would also roll him on his stomach and that would shut him up for a few hours too.

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