Don't Compare Yourself & Winner Of Jessica Line.


One of the reasons I think there are so many “haters” in this world is because many people feel the need to compare themselves to someone else. If you do that, PLEASE STOP IT RIGHT NOW! The problem with comparing yourself to others is that in your heart you’ll never win because if you are comparing yourself, it’s because you feel that you are lacking something within yourself. I’m here to tell you that everyone has their own path, their own look, their own style, but there’s only one you. Not to sound corny, but this is true. Last week I was hanging with my friend at her house, when her cousin came to visit. I couldn’t believe how beautiful this girl was. Long black curly hair, beautiful bronze skin, full lips, blue green eyes, the girl took my breath away. The funny thing was, she was shocked at how friendly I was to her. She told me that other women usually didn’t like her, and she was embarrassed to say it was because they thought she was prettier than them. That was interesting to me. I don’t ever meet someone and think “Oh my god, she’s prettier than me.” I don’t compare myself. It’s not good for your heart, and definitely not good for your self-worth. But I also don’t do it because I feel good about myself, and you should too. Growing up Mommie would always tell me this, “In life, there is always going to be someone more beautiful than you, more successful than you, smarter than you, but there is only one you and you’re amazing.” Love yourself, accept yourself, and never ever compare yourself to anyone. You have your own path, your own journey in life, your own look (and DE knows you’re a beauty) and comparing yourself to anyone will only drag you down, and turn you into the dreaded word, “hater”. No one likes a Hater. If you feel bad about yourself, do what I do every morning. I wake up and believe me, I don’t wake up looking glamorous. I've got pimple cream all over my face, eye boogers, my hairs a curly crazy mess, but I look in the mirror and say “DE, You’re Beautiful” and then I smile. You’ll be surprised at how good that will make you feel.

Please Love yourself, I do.

Winner of Jessica Cosmetics Spring line is Tracy Mew.

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Big Hugs,



Anonymous said...

i officially love your blog! you have no idea how badly i needed that today! i really appreciate what you do, esp the hair salon reviews! Thanks DE!!

Anonymous said...

Kudos to you for admiring the beauty in others and yourself! I am often given the cold shoulder and when I make it a point toextend the first gesture of sister hood I get:

"I thought you would be stuck up"
"Im surprised how nice you are"
"I thought you were the siddity type"

All women, no matter the outer package have some of the issues and needs. I respect women because we are so much WISER, than men. LOL!!
~ Andrea

Wes said...

I love this post!! Another great one... My grandmother used to always tell me the same thing as your mom when I was little- "Always remember that there will always be someone prettier than you, etc..." I'm the same way as you DE- I give props where its due, if a girl is gorgeous, she's gorgeous! There's no hate there whatsoever.

MakeupByRenRen said...

awesome post!

BonafideLatina~ said...

Aww this was sooooo touching DE :)

Thanks so much...and you are soooo right...a lot of women do compare themselves and it leads to negativity all around.

I hope you are well...enjoy the weekend!

Luxe Tips said...

I could not have said it better myself! You go girl. This post is so inspiring! Everyone has something about them that is so unique and beautiful!

Tiff said...

De, you must hear this alot, but you a really good person. I hope all your dreams come true. seriously

justicefighter04 said...

DE LMAO at the "eye booger" comment. Love your blog and thank you so much for the positivity that you radiate throughout your blog!

Beauty 365 said...

great post! this is where beauty really starts, on the inside.

congrats on the engagement, btw!

BeautyinBaltimore said...

I have no problem appreicating another woman's beauty. Some women hate when they see a beautiful woman but I just congradualate.

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