BeautyLogic Approved Leave In Conditioner!

I’m a huge fan of hair. (If you’ve been reading me for a while you know that.) I’m also a huge fan of getting my hair done at Dominican salons but lately De’s been a little cash-strapped. (Recession is hitting everybody!) So I’ve been doing my hair myself a lot more than normal. I wanted to let you guys know of a great leave in conditioner that I’ve been using for a while now.

Giovanni’s Direct Leave In


First off this has some great herbs for the hair, from rosemary, and nettle (fantastic for shine), and other natural and organic ingredients. I use this right after I wash my hair. I take a small amount, no more than dime size, and smooth it into my hair. It’s a very thin consistency but powerful stuff. What I get left with is incredible shine, defined curls, and very soft tresses.(I really don’t like products that make my hair feel stiff.) One of my friends who is transitioning to her natural hair from relaxed, uses this as well, and absolutely loves it. But, remember don’t use too much. My friend actually dilutes hers with water. Either way, it’s fantastic stuff, and it’s BeautyLogic recommended.

Have you used Giovanni Direct Leave in?

How was your Easter?

I’m going to try something called Recession Replacement Thursdays. In this I want you, to tell me if you've replaced an expensive beauty product for a less expensive one, and why? Do they work the same , although one cost way more than the other? Please send your responses to so we can post.



You can get the Giovanni Direct Leave at for super cheap!


Wes said...

Great concept!

Product Junkie Diva said...

Hey De
I have not tried the leave in but Giovanni produces some really nice product.

Calming Corners said...

I have not tried this yet, but I am in the search for a good conditioner. Thanks for the review!

Gemini said...

Great tip. DE where's the tonic post?

Tightambitionz said...

I LOVE GDLI!!! I tend to use a lot more than you with natural hair. I add it to wet hair and 2-strand twist. I love how it keeps my hair moisturized! Thanks for the Vitacost tip...ive been buying from target and whole foods...pretty expensive!!!

beautylogicblog said...

gemini: I got a new camera, but don't have the memory card. I ordered it from amazon. as soon as i get it, i'll do the youtube. hugs.

BonafideLatina~ said...

Yes I love that Leave-In!!! I got a small sample bottle of it a while back and ran out really fast but never went back to replace it...maybe I need order it on VitaCost to save $.

Do you use the Leave In for when you do your rolos (set)? Or just to airdry it? I only tried it on my naturally curly hair but not for drying with rollers.

Thanks DE :)

beauty am eye said...

Funny 'cause I saw this the other day @ Whole Foods and thought to myself..." wonder if DE uses this"...I know how much u luv their shampoo and scrub!

Gemini said...

Thanks for the update DE, I know how much work goes into the videos and they have been great

hipshazel said...

Love my Giovanni Leave-In! Wonderful tip DE!

Beauty 365 said...

oooh - it's so cheap, might as well :)

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