How to Avoid having 3 huge zits like DE!

Last week, I got my headshots done. A friend of mine had recommended a makeup artist so I called her and she came over and did my makeup. I wasn’t happy at all with the make-up or the headshots but thats a whole different story. Anyway, what I did notice was the next day after my headshots, I had three huge zits on my face. ( I hate having those because then i get left with those dark marks grrrr.) I asked myself what had I done differently. Because my face breaks out for anything, I make sure I take very good care of my skin before going to bed. However, I honestly believe I got the zits because my makeup artist did not clean her brushes prior to using them on me. I can’t stress to you how important it is to make sure that your makeup brushes are clean. Now I don’t know for sure, but I’m assuming that she didn’t clean her makeup brushes because she didn’t seem too sanitary. I had to ask her to wash her hands prior to touching my face. A few of her bottles did not have covers on them, and when a que-tip fell on the floor, homegirl was about to reuse it on my face. (I almost went crazy on her!) She was just a mess. Anyway, now I’m stuck with three pimples the size of grapefruits, but you can avoid this by making sure that you sanitize your brushes at least once a week. Because my skin is so sensitive, I do it every other day, and here’s what I use.

Sephora's Daily Brush Cleanser

I spray it on every other day, leave my brushes on my living room table to make sure they dry. I haven't really had breakouts since doing this constantly (except when I allowed that girl to do my make-up). Make sure you clean your brushes! It's very important.

What makes you breakout? Do you have a special brush cleanser?

I'm 3 post away from my 300th post and huge givewaway. However, instead of having one big giveaway, i'm having a whole bunch so a lot of my readers can enjoy. I'm excited. I hope you are.

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Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Congrats on your upcoming 300th post!! I"m so sorry that you had a bad make-up/headshot experience. The makeup artist definitely sounds like she was NOT sanitary at all!!!

I don't have a brush cleanser; I usually just use warm water and soap. I probably should invest in one like the Sephora one you posted.

About 2 weeks ago I had 3 HUGE zits on my chin that seemed to have come out of nowhere. They're gone now, but the dark marks are still there. :-( Thank goodness for concealer! lol

Charlene said...

I feel your pain DE! I too get dark marks whenever i get a crazy :( usually fades over time though ... 'the solution' shud help with that.

justme said...

my face is so picky i cant tell what breaks it out. i will be doing good and then bam! i wish i could find out.

i am like you, i wash my brushes so much and spray them and wipe them almost everyday. i am surprised they have any bristles because i find washing them so therapeutic, LOL

MakeupByRenRen said...

ewww, that's not good! i use mac brush cleanser in between clients at the same gig then I deep clean them with baby shampoo and hair conditioner

BonafideLatina~ said...

i can understand your frustration DE on this one...well hopefully it won't happen again...did the make up artist use her own makeup products...maybe that could have also caused the breakouts ... well either way I hope they are better now :)
Congrats on the upcoming post milestone :p

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