Kiss My Face Cleanser is the business! & Please Dream the Dream.

My skin is so sensitive it can be very annoying. I can put a a product on my face, and all of a sudden, I will break out like crazy. . Because I have tan skin, when I break out, I get left with annoying dark marks. GRRRRRRRR. Also, if I sleep with just the slightest bit of makeup on, I will have huge zits the next day. A few weeks ago, my friend’s 2-year old daughter decided that my Clarisonic looked better in the toilet.Ever since she threw it in there, I can’t even think about using it. So, I’ve been washing my face the old fashioned way with my hands, cleansers and water. Many of the facial washes that I tried, did not adequately remove my makeup, so, I have had a few breakouts. Lately though, I’ve been using Kiss My Face Cream for a Day Cleanser


This stuff gets all of the makeup off, while leaving my face feeling feeling so soft. It even removes my waterproof mascara, which I usually have to scrub like crazy to take it off. It's preservative, and soap free. It also contains a little bit of natural exfoliant, sugar, and corn and it's organic. It’s a gentle cleanser, and after I’m done washing my face, all traces of my make-up are gone, and I don’t have nasty breakouts the next day.

Have you tried Kiss My Face?

I'm going to be giving away the entire Kiss my Face Clean for a Day Line soon so stay tuned!

FYI: I loved this new quote, and wanted to share it:

Don't think that you are alone. There are two shadows who are following you: FAILURE and SUCCESS. Now it's up to you to decide which one is going to be your friend!"
--- Written in 2009 by Rishi Raj Gotwell --- India

FYI: Did you guys see that amazing performance on Britain's Got Talent by that woman. No one expected her to be amazing. They even laughed at her. But she believed in herself and surprised everyone. I hope you do the same. I thought it was so interesting that the song she sang was "I Dream The Dream." Here's the link: Susan Boyle


Product Junkie Diva said...

I have not tried this particular Kiss My Face product but I have used and enjoyed other items from that brand.
YEs, I watched the Susan B. video the other day and she reminded me of the guy ( I tihnk from last year) who was similar in appearance and he too wowed the crowd.

BonafideLatina~ said...

Niiice this sounds great...I'm always worried about switching cleansers b/c I feel my face will break out or feel weird when I switch...I'm okay with what I use as my cleanser so far...but it is expensive so maybe when it runs out I'll try this sure it is at a more reasonable price than what i am using :)

LOVE the quote

MakeupByRenRen said...

i just used a face scrub by artistry and now my skin looks a hot mess! i'm super sensitive too :(

Calming Corners said...

I usually use Ambi, it has worked very well with my skin. I do like to try new products from time to time so I will try this.

Love love love the quote!


Charlene said...

this does sound a natural buff i can't get enough of these things but it's soo limited here...:S the only thing i've ever seen are maybe lotions from them...but i never tried any. lol. have too many of those man...wud u say this is like the natural version to ponds? can u tissue it off? or u gotta wash...?
RIght now i'm using the neutrogena anti-oxidant age reverse far so doesnt lather which is a plus...veryy gentle...i love it:D and me and neutrogena were never friends soooo...
I saw the Susan vid just about stunning the crowd!

chris said...

Yes I saw Susan Boyle...isn't she amazing. It gave me goose bumps :o)
I posted the video on Myspace. Did you see Simons reaction? LOL

I have never tried Kiss My Face products, but my skin is having some serious issues right now so I think I will give it a try. Thx

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