Sebastian Re-Shaper Hairspray & The Golden Girls

Hey Loves, I hope you had an amazing weekend. I had a great one. The weather in NY was PERFECT! Anyway, let’s talk beauty. I haven’t cut my hair since February, and now it is way past my bra strap (I told you guys, my hair grows ridiculously fast). Now when I do my hair, I like to have a little body, so after I blow dry, I pin my hair up in pin curls. When I take the pincurls out, my hair is full of body with a little amount of curl. I love it. However, since my hair is so long, after a few moments, the pin curls can be weighed down and my hair can get flat again. Lately though, I’ve been using
Sebastian’s Professional Re-shaper Hair Spray. It’s described as being humidity resistant, and having a strong hold. I wouldn’t say it’s humidity resistant, but it definitely has helped my hair maintain it’s body, and my hair stays full of bounce a lot longer. However, I can still run a brush through my hair without it being all sticky. I love this hairspray!


I don’t know if I ever told you this, but I have an obsession with the Golden Girls show. When Lifetime TV used to give old reruns at 1:am , I could not go to sleep without watching that show. My best friend and I would always mimic the characters. I, of course was obsessed with Dorothy and Sophia. Those were my two favorites. And this week when I found out my girl Beat Arthur died, I was really sad. You don’t understand how far my obsession is with that show. One year for Halloween, my friends and I decided we would be the Golden Girls. We thought no one would recognize us, but everyone did, and I mean everyone. We had dudes in du-rags and thug wear approaching us and saying “yo the Golden Girls! What’s up!” It was hysterical. I loved this show for addressing so many taboo issues. It’s so sad to me now that only two of the Golden Girls are still alive. So RIP Bea Arthur. Thanks for making me laugh when I was a kid, and even when I was an adult. I know you’re in a better place now. Do you love the Golden Girls? What's your favorite Episode?

Here are a few of mine:

What are your favorite golden girls episodes? Who was your favorite character?





Gigi said...

aww. now im even sadder lol.
like u i used to also not go to bed without watching the episodes. i wish lifetime would show re runs again.:(

fave episode... too many to count.

Nesha said...

I've been watching that show for 20years and it's still funny. One of the classics definitely!!

Calming Corners said...

The Golden Girls is such a refreshing show.

beautyameye said...

I absolutely LUV ths Golden Girls!...I think I know every episode! This was really sad news!... : (

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