What are you doing to make yourself better?


I was hanging out with my friend yesterday. She’s an Ivy League Grad, brilliant, and can’t find a job. She’s depressed miserable, and is feeling sorry for herself. It’s annoying. Yes I said it! It’s annoying. Listen, I’m not an ivy league grad, and yes it’s hard for me to find a job as well but do you think I’m going to cry and wallow in self-pity all day every day like she does. Absolutely not! I’m going to try to make myself better. My friend also refuses to take a job making less than a certain amount. She’s crying, asking herself why didn’t she graduate from something else. All she seems to do is complain, and not make herself better. At first I was coddling her, trying to make her feel better, but it’s been over three months, after a while DE has to say “GET IT TOGETHER!” Yes it’s hard for me to find a job as well (although I just landed one, for a lot less than what I wanted but hey, I’m still waiting to be a reporter so I’ll deal with this until that dream comes true.) But, I refuse to feel sorry for myself. In my time of not working, I went to the library almost every day, took out books on computer programs, and taught myself things. Yes, I taught myself Photoshop, I taught myself advanced editing with final Cut Pro (I’m going to take the test soon to see if I can become certified) and I also taught myself how to write better as a news writer. Make Yourself Better. Stop feeling sorry for yourself! If you’re out of a job like millions of other people, don’t stay home and cry about it and waste valuable time. Do something about it. On my resume, I can now add that I have Advanced editing skills, Advanced photoshop skills, and guess what, I’m still learning. Now I’m learning how to design my own website. FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS!


Don’t feel Sorry for Yourself! Go to the library and teach yourself things. A friend of mine just got a grant from the US government that allows her to change careers, and pays $2500 for the course. If you want more info, please e-mail me, but DON’T FEEL SORRY FOR YOURSELF. MAKE YOURSELF BETTER! Remember that you control your destiny. DON’T WAIT FOR THINGS TO HAPPEN, MAKE THEM HAPPEN.

Sorry I’m venting.

Winner of the Carol's Daughter Pearls is Beth Shields. Beth, you have two days to send me your address or we'll have to give someone else this gift.




Makeup Maven said...

Sooo true, doll! I'm constantly reading up on different things, I'm actually teaching myself another language and while I don't have the most ecxiting (or best paying) day job I'm working while I study to take the test to be a certified teacher this summer.

Kinky Kandake said...

Co-Sign Sis! Speak the truth, I'm with you on that. But in your friends defense, sometimes we get so caught up on what we want and what we THINK is supposed to happen, that we don't pay attention to all the opportunities available to us at the moment. I know, I was her back in '08. But now, just like you said, I am preparing myself for the future. I will be entering college soon, again, but I didn't have great grades in high school. I'm so over feeling like a failure, so I took out some books on Study Skills and I've also started volunteering. The library is the 'ish. I don't know where I would be without it! LOL!
I'm not trying to push religion on you or your friend, but I like listening to Joel Osteen. He is very inspirational-all about hope.

In fact, your post ties into what he said on Sunday. I hope your friend realizes that there is hope and opportunity all her.

God Bless!

Charlene said...

here here to that. it's easy to fall into that self pity well, but self pity is honestly just a way of ducking out of doing something to make things better...well said DE. everyone needs this kind of a wake up call from a friend like u!

hi said...

I'm still a student, but I am taking challenging courses. lol hope your friend doesn't read this

Wes said...

Amen to that girl... You said it best.

MakeupByRenRen said...

i dont blame you, after a while enough is enough, you have to be in charge of your own destiny

Anonymous said...

AMEN!! I do not associate myself with people with defended attitudes! One of my pet peeves is people who get told no and give up!
I was rejected from 12 law schools last year, I had to take the LSAT 3TIMES and people around me took the test one time and bomb and just gave up on the goal. To make a long story short I will be attending law school this Fall WITH and small scholarship. Determination and prayer made it possible.

BonafideLatina~ said...

Love this DE!!! I agree with you that feeling sorry for one's self will not lead to very much but the worse...I love your tips and how you shared what you have done this time of no working..that's awsome! Congrats on the new job!!!

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