Winner of Kimberly Snyder's The Solution

is Melanie Coulson.

Melanie, please send me your addresss within 2 days or we'll have to give this to someone else.

Tami, winner of Genifique, please send me your address again. i can't find it, and want to send this to you.

Also, guys, I'm approaching my 300th post where I'm having my biggest giveaway yet. So far, my givest giveaway was courtesy of Lancome and Kerry Diamond and that was over $500.00. This one will be bigger. Just giving you a heads up.

Also, I'm going to resume my Domincan salon reviews next week, and I'm going to post a youtube on my hair tonic since I'm getting so many e-mails about it.




Charlene said...

wow....Tami...she doesn't want the Lancome thing huh? Gee i'll take it hahaha....I just saw your giveaway for the solution, i ordered mine yesterday...i can't wait to try it. Do you use it? or just your mom?

dominican enigma said...

Hey Charlene, I use it as well. I see your from Jamaica, so is my fiance. I love Jamaica.

Tami said...

Hey...Tami was on vacation last week and had tons of blogs to catch up on!!!!!! I'm back now! LOL

Charlene said...

haha Tami u are lucky!! I was about to get your Genefique haha kidding :)

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