New Giveaway Jan Marini Age Intervention Serum & Factor A Eyes

Ahh, we’re up to my third givewaway. I have two more coming up. Anyway today’s giveaway is for two of my favorite beauty products and my must-haves. These products are two of the most effective products I’ve ever used. The difference is great.
They are

The Jan Marini Age Intervention Serum


And the Factor A Eye Capsules for Dark Circles


I reviewed both before. Click here for my Jan Marini Age Intervention Serum Review and Click Here for my Factor A Eye Capsules.
Both products are FABULOUS. I even got one of my favorite beauty bloggers makeupbyrenren addicted to them. The serum really leaves your skin wondrous and glowing, and the eye capsules really help eliminate those dark circles. I love both, and I’m giving them both away.
Send an e-mail to with the subject being "DE, I want some Jan Marini" Winner gets announced Monday and then we have two more giveaways.

Winner of the Genifique and Lancome Mascara is Charlene Gordon. Charlene send me your address or I'll have to give this to someone else.

Big Hugs,



BonafideLatina~ said...

Cool giveaway!!! I'm going to order the Factor A Capsules today...I've been noticing the dark circles more :(
Need to prevent prevent! :p

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