Recession Replacement Thursday, Bronzer & Winner of Sally Hansen's Colors

Here's one of our readers introducing us to a new & inexpensive bronzer.

Dear DE,

I thought the recession would kill my beauty routine. It turns out, it's made me discover some great inexpensive gems.
Before the recession hit, I lived in Sephora like it was my second home. Well I can’t afford to do that anymore, so my local Sallys and drugstores are where I find all of beauty items.
I was one of those people addicted to Guerlain’s bronzer, it left me gorgeously glowing like nothing else…..or so I thought.


Around 2 months ago, I was in my local beauty store when I spotted this gorgeous shimmery bronzer, by a company called Prestige. The color was Glam Tan.


I never heard of this company but the price was right, only ten dollars, so I picked it up.
I was not disappointed. This bronzer is finely milled, so pigmented, and with one swoop of my brush, I'm left with one of the most beautiful glows I’ve ever had. I think it’s better than the more expensive products I’ve used.
This has definitely replaced not just my Guerlain Bronzer, but all of my other bronzers.

Thanks Theresa for your Recession Replacement,

Winner of Sally Hansen's Insta Dri Nail polishes is Natasha Evans. Natasha you have two days to contact me or we'll give this to someone else. We're having more great giveaways soon, also, please e-mail me your Recession Replacements.



Oh i also want to thank one of my readers Hips Hazel who gave me an extra shout out on her blog. How sweet was that. Here's the post THINK GOLDEN CHECK OUT HER BLOG TOO, IT'S LOADED WITH FANTASTIC AND POSITIVE INFORMATION!


Caramel Diva said...

I love I can't win these contest lol..I've been entering for about a year

Natasha E. said...

You are definitely my daughter's favorite beauty blogger! We are going to send you pics of her nails! Thank you soooo much!

livelovethinkgolden said...

No, thank you DE for your Fabulosity! I appreciate the shout out! :-)

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