You guys know how I feel about my tresses. There is nothing like my hair. I love love love her. She’s so pretty! (yes I’m still talking about my hair, you know I’m a little conceited when it comes to her.) Anyway, this weekend in NY was downright miserable. Saturday was horribly rainy and gross, and sticky. So I decided to go to whole foods to do my grocery shopping (I hate grocery shopping). Anyway, I ended up in the “whole body” section. That’s where whole foods keeps their beauty products. I wanted to try a new conditioner, and I stumbled upon this one.

BEE-Hair –Now Hair Repair Conditioner

This conditioner contains royal jelly, honey, Bee Pollen (considered to be the most complete food on earth) Calendula, parsley, rosemary, and other amazing natural ingredients and most of them are organic. It’s also Paraben, SLS and synthetic fragrance free. Well the results were great. Yesterday was Sunday which of course is my “me” day. It’s the day where I kick Mr. DE out and spend the day meditating and doing girly things with myself, like washing and doing my own hair, putting a masque on, and just plain old relaxing. I hope you ladies have a “me” day too. Anyway, when I applied this, the first thing I noticed was it’s citrus smell. It was delicious. It’s a pretty thick conditioner, and I left it on for around 2 minutes. Wow, when I removed it, my hair was left so detangled,and feeling oh so smooth. I then decided to do my own hair, so I put a roller set in, and when I removed the roller set, and dried my hair, the results were great. My hair was soooo shiny, incredibly soft, and seriously full of volume, not weighed down at all.

DE Loves this!

This is a BeautyLogic Approved conditioner big time!

How was your weekend?

Do you have a "me" day?

Have you tried this line?




kadej said...

Oh no, another conditioner to add to the arsenal! I've seen this one on the WF shelves and have been curious about it... thanks for the rec! ;)

livelovethinkgolden said...

I don't have a me day, but I think it is time I got one! I'm actually kinda having a me day right now! As I write this, I am letting dry a Mint Julep Masque by Queen Helene! Never used it before but it is supposed to be an oldie, but goodie! Anywho, I love the idea of a me day! We must take time out to take care of ourselves!

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