DE Cousin Hair Rec-Olive & Avocado Deep Moisturizing Conditioner

My cousin has really thick curly hair. Kind of like Tracy Ellis Ross.
She’s another hair fanatic like me, and she wanted me to let you guys know of this fantastic conditioner that she recently tried. It’s Earth Science’s Olive & Avocado Deep Conditioner Masque. She was in Whole Foods this weekend when she picked up one of their travel size packets for $1.99.


Leslie (that’s her name) said that this product leaves her thick curly curls soft, easy to get her comb through, and after her hair dries it’s gleaming with shine, and luster.
She loves it, and begged me to let you beautiful mamas know about it

Have you tried Earth Science?

I haven’t, and am going to grab a packet today.




Calming Corners said...

I have not tried this product. My hair is the same way although I have different textures. I will try it for sure.


Addi said...

I use this and I love it!

Anonymous said...

I too have thick, curly, hair. I use this conditioner as well, it's great. It leaves my hair so soft.

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