Embrace Your Beauty-No Matter How Old You Are!

Halle Ten Years Ago

It's sad, but I believe the media and society have women believing as we get older our sexiness and beauty diminish. Not only that, but we’re also made to feel that wrinkles are abnormal, and we should immediately get rid of them by resorting to some plastic surgery just so that we can keep ourselves looking young and youthful, and sexy. (If you watch Real Housewives of NJ, and saw Danielle getting botox, and lip injections, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.) As a result, many women dread getting older. I’ve never been a fan of many of Halle Berry’s movies (except X-men and Dorothy Daindridge) but lately, I’m paying more attention to her because I like what she represents. No doubt, when you look at her, she takes your breath away. The woman is a vision. She got recognition last year as being the sexiness woman on earth, and I believe this weekend Spike TV gave her an award for 10 years of sexiness. I’m glad that society is starting to recognize that just because a woman gets older, does not mean that she looses her appeal. Halle is in her early forties, and in my opinion looks better than when she was in her thirties. She recently cut her hair, and I was astounded at how breath taking she looked. Halle shows us that although you’re getting older, doesn’t mean you have to give up your sexy crown. Oh and don’t even try to give me the excuse that Halle probably gets the best treatments on earth and that’s why she looks so young, because my Mommie is a great example of a woman who is sixty and looks like she’s in her thirties. You know what mommie does, she takes good care of herself. Love yourself, and know that you can be beautiful at any age, no matter what anyone wants you to believe

Halle this week at the Spike TV Awards


How do you maintain your sexy?

I come home, give myself scalp massages, and facial massage, and I workout every other day. I'm also training right now to run the NYC marathon.

Share your beauty Secrets?

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Fergster said...

I'm 28 and for the last 2 years I have been prepping myself mentally and physically, for knowing how to take care of myself for the future.

Wanting to be healthier (skin, teeth, hair, weight...etc) overall.

30 use to make me nervous, but I have learned to accept it. I am blessed to be alive and seeing each year that comes my way.

I've begun eating about 90% organic and can feel the difference in my body, more fruits and veggies make a world of differnce. I also workout every other day, some weeks every day.

Great post!

MakeupByRenRen said...

hey chica, catching up on your blog. how's the engagement goin?

Luxe Tips said...

I always say Halle is the most naturally beautiful woman I know. She is stunning. Long hair does not do her face any justice. Her face and bone structure are amazing. I am glad she cut it! Go Halle!

What do I do to take care of myself? Lately nothing, and it shows. I need to get back to running, crunches, and more frequent facials. Life has been stressful, but I can't let myself suffer. Thanks DE for reminding me of my duty to be my most fabulous self! XOXO

ceecee said...

I take vitamins (thanks for your advice DE!) and I'm using eye serums & night creams. I really need to get on the workout boat though

Ghislaine said...

Ugh I am Obsessed with Halle Berry, but not in a creepy way, it's just she is so beautiful and keeps getting more and more beautiful as time goes on. Fergster I completely agree with you, I am 26 and am just trying to stay heaalthy by eating right, drinking plenty of water, using appropriate skin care and just being overall healthy. I found this video about two weeks ago and it really helped me to realize that you just need to take care of yourself to stay young. http://www.howcast.com/videos/143624-How-To-Prevent-Wrinkles

Cathy said...

I so needed to read that I am going to be 40 in April and have been feeling really anxious especially having such a beautiful daughter and realizing those days are gone for me...But I fortunately dont look my age I just am scared to get old this article helped me face the fact I just need to embrace it!!!

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