L'Oreal Hip Color Press Glosses


I love glosses. As you guys know. I’m a huge fan, and have way too many in my bag. The interior of my bag is about 50 different colors because of all the glosses that have leaked. I’m really loving L’oreal Hip Color Pressed in 180/Swanky. It’s two shades. One shade is a peachy nude, and the other is a bright pink. You mix these two shades and Wala! The mix creates a stunning sheer pinkish glittery nude dream! It’s such a beautiful shade together. I love it. The consistency is thick, but not sticky thick. (My hair won’t get stuck to my lips with this one. I hate that.) I love how delish this taste too. Kind of like butterscotch. I have this LL Cool J habit where I lick my lips constantly. But even after licking my lips, the shade still lingers, which is great. DE highly recommends this.




Caramel Diva said...

I want to try these. I've been seeing them on yt for a while now.

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