Yesterday my cousin slept over my house. In the morning, I always like to run around 2 miles in the park. It helps get me in a great mood, and running is a great exercise to clear your mind up of negative energy and thoughts. Anyway before I went for my run, I threw on my ugliest sweats, one of Mr. DE’s oversized t-shirts, put on my ugly old asics from like 1999 and quickly swept my hair in a messy bun. I then ran to the bathroom, opened up my makeup bag, and applied the one makeup product that you will never see me without. Leslie (my cousin) had a great laugh about that. She couldn’t believe that before I began my intense run, I would apply a beauty product on my face. Here’s my issue, I will never leave my house without this on. It’s been in my makeup bag for over two years, and I just love the glow that I get when using this. It’s my Clinique highlighter.


I apply a little on my cheeks, and on bronzed skin it looks heavenly. No matter where I’m going, you will not see me without this. This is the one product that I’ll never leave my house without. It’s almost as much as my beauty routine, as brushing my teeth is to my morning routine. I love this stuff!

What’s the one product that you never leave home without on?




Ana said...

I will never leave home without my MAC Sapalicious Lip gelee. It is a neutral nude- not too beige, pink or brown and I ADORE it!

Anonymous said...

I will never leave home w/o my Burt's Bees POMEGRANITE lip balm!!! (only the pom. one) It is the ONLY thing that moisturizes my SUPER dry lips, + it gives your lips this natural gorgeous pink tint that makes you look like you've just been kissed! I have like 50 billion of them! they're so amazing! I hope they never discontinue this balm!

Luxe Tips said...

Nars Blush in Lovejoy or Luster. Both look like bronzer on dark skin.

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