Solange-is that you?


I recently saw a pic of Solange Knowles and was shocked. I'm loving how so many women are taking risk with their hair lately! What do you think of Solanges new look? All these women doing drastic things to their hair are inspiring DE to shave her hair off too (just joking.) I'm like Samson (guy from bible) I feel like I loose my power without my hair. lol,

What are your thoughts?

Are you doing anything drastic to your hair?

I'm still contemplating my dye job.




Anonymous said...

i hate it. did you say you loose your power without your hair. ur crazy.haha

Charlene said...

you know I ain't shaving my head! but i have considered going really short!

Luxe Tips said...

Girl You are hilarious! losing your power without your hair. Hysterical! I am with you though. I like hair. Still trying to grow mine.

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